July 20th, 2006

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ways to make your boyfriend smile

referring back to this post... where dominic asked why there isnt a "ways to make your boyfriend smile".... lydia was kind enough to ask a friend of hers (guy) to make up a list of ways to make your bf smile (thanks lydia!):

1. tell him he is good (at anything)
2. let him kiss you when he wants to
3. stop talking when he doesn't want to listen
4. appreciate the things he does for you (big or small)
5. check in w/ him when you're at a large crowd
6. be proud of him in front of your friends and family
7. laugh at his funny jokes, stupid jokes, or just any joke
8. be affectionate when he is
9. fall asleep in his arms
10. if you're mad, let him kiss you and make everything okay
11. tell him what you think
12. smile when you get flowers
13. pls cook for him
14. if you're in love with him... tell him (well.. after he tells you)

anyone wanna comment on this or add more to it? or maybe even add to the "how to make your gf smile" one too?
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midnight miles. inconvenient truth

i was gonna go to sleep but the computer called out to me and i decided to check a few things before i sleep... and before you know it, i was reminded of an entry i wanted to write...

i got maroon 5's midnight miles a few days ago. i read it word for word, page for page. if you dunno, it's a picture book with quotes by the band, which were overheard during the tour, slapped randomly on appropriate pictures. and each of the guys got to say something about how they felt about the last few years of their lives on tour. the pictures are so pretty and reading what the guys said makes me miss them. ryan's part is soooo heartbreaking. my god. i think any true fan felt his/her heart break a little reading his part.

but good thing these guys are so great... i laughed at how short mickey was and his comment about how his experience in the last few years of touring felt so unreal, he could hardly recognize himself looking at these pictures (esp. if it's a picture of someone else). i laughed at adam's comment about he'll blab whatever he could think of since he's sure his words "will be properly edited and chopped so that [he'll] sound coherent and articulate."

today some of my coworkers and i went to watch the inconvenient truth... on the company :D popcorn and all. why? because one of our clients, melissa etheridge, wrote and sang the main song (i think might be the only song?) of the movie. the song is called "i need to wake up," which could be heard here. it's a really pretty song. i would recommend clicking on the link and listen to it while you read this HAHAHA

melissa etheridge... the more i watch her live, the more i love her. she's awesome. she's such a good performer. very animated while she sings and always interacting with the fans. i love how she tells stories about some of her songs, why they were written. and every night is a different set list.

anyway the documentary, as my coworker put it, is a real "eye opener." got me kinda scared actually of how the future would be. alright, gotta start conserving energy. i'll save up and get myself a hybrid teeheehehe after the movie, i told eric to trade all his cars in for a hybrid haha

but seriously, if you havent seen it, i recommend you see it... download it. youtube it. rent it later. whatever. just make sure to go see it.
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