September 4th, 2006

kakashi chibi

heated floors

over the labor day weekend, i went to my cousin's house warming party. and as a guest to a house warming party, you visit every signal room in the house, including the bathrooms. but honestly, visiting nice and clean bathrooms is a guilty pleasure of mine :D i would always take a bathroom break if i was eating at a fancy/modern looking restaurant

what i am sooooooo amused and impressed about the bathrooms (minus the fact that i've always liked nice bathrooms and we're asian so shoes are normally not allowed indoors) are the heated floors! it is sooo awesome (especially on a cold day like that day).

my cousin-in-law was telling me how it's pretty popular in japan and china already (or i could be making this up given my worse memory haha). and if it werent so expensive, the whole house would have them. according to him (and my memory), they got the idea from the japanese kotatus or what are known to me as the tables with heaters in them. the heated floors have running hot water in pipes under them. and while i wonder how big of a water bill they have, he mentioned to me that they use recycled water, so it doesnt affect the water bill. the best part of it all is that you can control the temperature (i'm not sure why i thought that's so impressive given the technology these days haha)!

so i've already decided that for my future home i'm gonna built, i will also add this niffy feature to my bathroom(s)... and depending on how well my money tree is growing in the backyard, maybe for the whole house :D

it's pretty funny how i already know how my future house's bathroom looks like... but have no clue for the other rooms hahah