September 5th, 2006

everything's alright

hk. dream. pace. shout out

today when i was walking to work, this familiar scent passed by me and reminded me of hong kong. i am partically sicken by this fact given how i always thought whatever that produced that type of smell is probably rotting food ppl have littered on the floors... but it reminded me that i will be back in hong kong soon and that got me excited. i havent been back to hong kong in a little over half a decade (that sounds so much longer than 6 years haha)!

omg, i just realized it's in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


last night i had a dream that i was attending the first day of school. i had funny classes like a class of sudoku ahaha and i remember having my first assignment to do one puzzle. thinking to myself, i can do that on the bus LOL (boy i'm such a bad procrastinator). i remember looking at all the classes i had and how useless they were to me, i mean sudoku?!?! so i decided to drop a lot of the classes and pick up on language classes such as chinese/mandarin and japanese. i remember being so excited to know that i will be picking up on these languages... and at the end of the dream, i realized none of the times would work out because i have to work and figured i needed night classes or go parttime.

i wonder what's more sad: to dream that there is a sudoku class or the fact that going to school again got me excited?


i'm gonna try to pace myself and update once a day the most hahaha :) let's see how long that'll last! :]


oh yeah! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, GREG! i'm sorry that you didnt go down as you wished (haha!)
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