September 19th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

fruits basket theme

YAY! i changed my layout to a fruits basket theme! i even found a mood theme! i made the banner myself :D i captured all the pics i wanted from the dvd teeheehee i'm pretty proud of myself :D i also wanna thank the community s2expressive, esp. branchandroot and nimoloth, for their help in helping me tweak the layout the way i like it :D

let me explain to you what fruits basket is about, so you can better understand why my layout is the way it is. hehehehehe

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so after knowing the background story, let's refer to the banner, shall we? hehe the group picture on the right, two guys and a girl holding hands: (from left to right) yuki, tohru and kyo. even tho yuki and kyo hate each other, with tohru's love, they started to hate each other less. (it's actually really cute if you know the reason why they are holding hands :D). that would also explain on the left why there is a mouse, riceball and a cat holding hands :D if you dont already know, the japanese katagana on the right side means "fruits basket."

FRUITS BASKET ROCKS! i love it!!!! it'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, i'm collecting the mangas right now hahaha :D

ok i'm done.
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