September 26th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

fuzzy line: cheating?

so recently my coworker got into grey's anatomy. now i dont watch that show (it's on the same time as CSI!) but she was telling me bits and pieces of it. how the main character (derek?) was on a break with his wife and during that break, he had a one night stand. now my coworker and i both agreed that it is still cheating even tho they were "on a break" because "on a break" still means they were together.

but what i wonder is... do you have the right to be AS mad at the person... just as much as if they cheated on you when you werent on a break?

this just sorta reminds me of that argument that rachel and ross had.

1. would you consider it cheating if you were on a break?
(and what i'm really curious about...)
2. if you do consider it to be cheating, can you place it on the same level as cheating (w/no breaks involve)? or is it slightly more forgivable?
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