October 3rd, 2006


languages. cell phone

hi! i dont know if you remember a few entries back where i had dreams of going back to school, taking language classes and being excited? i figured that my dream was trying to tell me something... so i followed my dream (haha LOST!) and registered for spring 2007 LOL

like the dream, i will be taking japanese and mandarin... that is if i can get into the class... i have no priority :\

the good thing is the mandarin class is conversation. that's exactly what i want. i dont want to learn how to read and write (hah!) i just wanna be able to speak the damn language. i understand it!

so yeah. i'm excited :D


oh. btw i have a prospect for a new cell phone (sony p990 :). i was SOOOO close in getting it... but i'm gonna wait. however, i will be switching soon. HahAhahHahAahAhahaAHAHahHahahaha!
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