October 19th, 2006

kaumyar's self-protrait


i thought this was funny

Gentlemen, I’m about to share with you something that all men should know, but all women conspire to keep secret from men. I, however, have broken the code. I’ve paid attention, eavesdropped, asked, and searched. I’m now going to tell you about

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of course i have a few comments to why some things are the way they are... but we'll just leave it alone since it's obvious that this was written for laughs anyway. :)



OK i know i'm late... it's been up for a while... but WHOA. they have a music video! and of one of my favorite songs by them!

it's kinda weird to see them on the computer (tv?)! i guess this just means they are getting big.

they look good!! except nate, what's up with the bowl cut? HAhahAhAH sorry :P it's just i know he could look way better

this makes me miss them... maybe i should see them again...

but anyway... WOW.