October 27th, 2006

cat sleeps



can you feel in your dreams? i can. the other night i had a dream i saw these dogs that were lying on the floor and they had really long nails. i was transpassing. they didnt bark but instead they slide (yes slide, while lying down) towards me and i could feel them using their nails to pinch me.

they hurt my feet :'(

i remember other times i would feel touch for example... like if i dreamed of holding someone's hand, i could feel their hands being warm.


my dreams were always in color. i've been told some ppl's dreams are black and white.


i remember watching a cartoon once (batman, to be exact) and he was fighting the scarecrow (i think?) and he realized he was in a dream because he cant read things and according to this cartoon, you cant read in your dream because dreaming is in one part of your brain and reading is in another part.

but i can read in my dreams. but really, how accurate is the cartoon? :P


most of the time, i always seem to remember my dreams. (edited: what i am trying to say here is that i dream most of the time. and when i do dream, i always remember my dreams but they arent too clear). i heard that you dream every night... you just dont remember them all. i was told you remember your dreams when you get woken up during your REM stage (the stage you're in deepest sleep and the stage you're dreaming). does that mean i always get woken up in my deep sleep? -____-

what do you think that means?

if i dream in color or not? if i can read in my dreams or not? if i can feel in my dreams or not? is it normal?

what about you?

do you dream in color? can you feel in your dream? can you read in your dreams? can you control your dreams?