November 6th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

chicago. okgo. breakdown. dreams

last week i went to watch Chicago the Musical and O.K Go.

Chicago was good. something nice to experience once. not as extravagant as the movie... but still good. and there are little stories/parts of the musical that the movie didnt have. it was fun :)

o.k. go was good too. the lead singer was saying how he heard sf is the most expensive place in the US (is it really?). and he was saying how we're environmental friendly or something so most of us dont smoke... so that must mean that we arent ready for the slow songs! so we all busted out with our cellphones and he's like "of course! cell phones! what? do you guys have your laptops too?" it was fun. they really interact with the crowd. the lead singer went into the crowd a few times. and for a couple of songs, they played in the middle of the crowd, ascoutic. that was nice :)

it was nice seeing you again, Joy and Tisha!

i feel like i need a break down. not quite sure why. not that i'm stressed... at least i dont think so? but i feel like something's on my chest and after the breakdown, i'll feel better. maybe a breakdown once in a while is good?

why are you always in my dreams?
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