December 6th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

R.I.P. Black Cat & class

my nano is officially dead. i cant play it anymore.

at first i thought it was because it ran out of batteries. since i have no screen, it is hard for me to tell if i need to charge it or not. so i charged it for a day. yes, it synced! it played a few songs but then stopped. i thought, maybe i left it playing in my pocket when i worked because... well... who knows right... lol

well now it doesnt even light up when i touch the buttons.

i tried out my headphones to make sure it was the nano and not my headphones, and my headphones worked fine elsewhere.

to be honest, i wasnt very creative with naming my nano. i just named it "pod pod" lol but then heather (m5) mentioned how my nano is like a cat! it has nine lives since it still worked after a bus runs over it. since it's the black nano, i renamed it the "black cat." lol

oh well, it looks like it doesnt have nine lives after all. :/


my solution to this is to upload some songs onto my 2 gig memory stick duo. i'll just listen to them on my phone :] ahhhh technology. dont you love it?


today i registered for japanese and mandarin at ccsf :D does it make me a nerd that i'm excited about it?! hehehe i cant wait!!! i start in jan :] yayayayayay time to order books! hehehe


check out my new layout! arnogseel lj uploaded a bunch of new layouts. i've played around with almost all of them and decided on this one. yes it took me a while lol
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