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christmas dinner

i signed on lj and saw this

and it said the same thing "Baaaaah", says Frank. CUTE~

Happy Halloween!

anyway... my boss just came up to me and said "christmas dinner Dec 6th, it's a tuesday. are you going to bring anyone?" at that moment, for a split second, i was reminded of last year's christmas party. i was brought back to the restaurant. sitting with my coworkers around the big table. i looked to my right and i saw what's his name. i remembering thinking how i really wanted him to join me and it was nice of him that he did. i was happy that he was outgoing to my coworkers (being the shy one he was) and he was happy that he's getting a free dinner.

it's kinda weird how time flies.

well... last year i brought someone, this year... "no, i will not" was my answer.
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