January 5th, 2007

pretending to work

taken from garfpooky

Here are the rules:

"Write a journal entry with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six people on your friends list and tag them - no tagbacks. These rules should be included in your entry."
- same as garfpooky, i'm not gonna tag anyone. if you wanna do it, then do it. why wait till i tell you to? lol jk.

1. i'm a bad gambler. bad as in i have little self control in these things as opposed to an average person. my dad always tells me that it's good if i lose money when i gamble because it stops me from playing. my problem is that i tend to win... and majority of the time, i double what i started off with... usually more than double. but i dont walk away when i start losing. and i usually either end up losing what i started off with or break even when i could've walked away with double the amount of what i started with. i only have this problem in casinos, i have no problem walking away after i lose to a game of poker, mahjong or whatever with my friends.

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i got a feeling i've done this before? well no harm in doing it again hehe