February 11th, 2007

csi having fun

the weekend. useless info

so i went snowboarding over the weekend. first time at squaw valley. it's a good place. i like it there. lots of runs and easy. but it was fricking raining when i got there and snowing when you're up in the hills. so it wasnt fun putting the gear on and not really peachy when you're snowboarding bc snow hurts when it's blasting in your face (even with goggles and ski mask on).

now i've snowboarded when it was snowing before but not in that kind of condition. it was pretty hardcore. i'm so glad i have a ski mask. one of the first things eric said when we got off the lift was "my next investment: ski mask." i think everyone felt the same. before we drove up, the site said there were 11 inches of new snow. MY FRICKING GOD. i never knew snowboarding in powdery snow can be SO hard. it makes me fall so much! i'm no pro but i dont usually fall THIS much! i bet it's harder to learn snowboarding or skiing on it. but since the snow was soft, falling wasnt that horrible. even when i fell face flat when speeding down the hill (and i slid down a few ft or two right after i fell too LOL) it was ok. i thought that was a funny fall too. i laughed lol watching ppl fall was funny too. haha sorry. i saw a few face flat falls and tumbles here and there.

and the snow was waaaay deep too. getting stuck in them was no fun. even with the board off lol at one time, i tried to turn myself so i can get back up and half my snowboard got stuck in the snow. it was really funny actually haha i couldnt move. thank god cary was there to pull the board out for me.

i'm glad it didnt snow while we were heading up there and not too hard or long when we were heading back. we got lucky. while we were driving back, we saw all these snow that wasnt there going to reno. so i can imagined it snowed a lot overnight. getting snowed in = not fun. driving in a blizzard = horror movie scary (even with many cars around) lol i think eric was traumatized from last time

the only thing i learned from going to reno this weekend is to not gamble with greg... ESPECIALLY with eric NOT around LOL i think greg and i influence each other in a bad way when we gamble. hahaha and i think we both need someone to watch/stop us LOL.


i've wrote once i like myspace bc of all the surveys ppl post. well... dancetygerdance went on some survey spree and i just had to do it. yes i HAD to lol and also bc i dont need to work tomorrow and have no plans... so i dont feel bad doing this at this time of the day! haha heather (m5) is also really good at posting surveys up on myspace, except she posts one at a time and not do them all at once haha

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alright... time to sleep >_