February 14th, 2007

hug me and dont let go

OMG! M5 and EDWARD NORTON!!!!!!!!

so maroon 5 is doing a show at this pre-oscar party in LA next weds. my company is doing a contest. 5 lucky fans will get chosen to go. i cant enter bc i work for them. so i asked my manager if i can go somehow. and he said he'll try to get me tix and i can go as a staff. but he said if he cant get me tix, i can buy them online: http://globalgreen.org

then i saw it...

OMG EDWARD NORTON! for the ppl that dont know, i LOVE EDWARD NORTON. he is my favorite actor. i have every movie he's shown his face in. YES ALL OF THEM. I LOVE HIM!

i totally freak out. MAJORLY. him and Archie Kao are the only two left i want to meet. i was REALLY freaking out and my coworker's like "someone get her a brown bag to breathe into" she was joking of course but yeah hahah and she was saying how it's insulting to leonardo dicaprio bc i dont really care about him hahaha i mean leo's good looking but he's NO edward norton. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am SO there. i dont care if they cant sent me down. i will be there on my own money.

EDITED: it's been approved. i am going down there on the company. you know where to find me weds night.