February 19th, 2007

78 bath

places to go. things to do

a few things i will do before i die. yes i WILL do them. lol i just wanna list them out for me to check off :P

i wannna:
- walk on the great wall. altho i heard it's not easy lol but i wanna do it.
- go to paris and up the eiffel tower to look for a ferris wheel (lol jk) but seriously, i wanna go up it.
- go to italy and take that dorky picture of me pretending to push on the leaning tower of pisa.
- go to ny on new years eve to watch the ball drop tried it for nye 2009. it was too cold so we left haha
- go to a city that the sun doesnt set during that particular time/season and it's not the north or south pole.
- snowboard somewhere else other than lake tahoe. i went to whistler in vancouver nov 2007 :D
- go to japan, visit all and buy some the inuyasha, nana and fruits basket places/stuffs
- meet Archie Kao
- meet Edward Norton
- meet Lee Pace
- visit the grand canyon.
- visit the CSI Vegas set and meet the crew (not really sure if this is possible. but it'll be cool. then i can maybe kill two birds with one stone. archie!)
- do outdoor rock climbing + camping

to be continued...

hey, let's go.