February 28th, 2007


hail. pet peeves

you know something's wrong when san francisco witnessed hail four times in the past week o__O i mean "back in my days," we would be lucky enough to witness hail once every decade! no exageration there! lol. but seriously, it's a sign. the earth is dying.

well, that was morbid.

anyway, have i ever told you that one of my MAJOR pet peeves is ppl who dont wear seatbelts? be it i'm the driver or just a passenger, if i dont see someone wearing a seatbelt, i'll nicely remind them to put it on. so dont be surprised if you're sitting in the car with me and i say something when you forgot or/and is not wearing a seatbelt. most of the time, ppl forget or dont want to, but after i say something, they would usually put it on. but the other times, they would say really lame things to me like "oh i'm sure it'll be fine since i'm sitting in the back" or "i dont think i need to. it should be safe going local"


ugh, that totally puts me over the top. it's like telling me you dont need to wear a lifejacket when you go rafting even tho you cant swim or you dont need to wear a helmet when you are on a motorcycle or smoking doesnt really kill. oh wait. some idiots already do say and do those things.

granted, doing those things doesnt necessarily mean you'll for sure die, but it's definitely better to be safe than sorry

worse of all, she tells my mom "wow your daughter's really into safety" and my mom answered her by saying "you know how ppl who are born here, they are into following rules" like as if it's a bad thing!!
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