March 22nd, 2007

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so a couple of weeks ago, dancetygerdance posted this on his LJ:

Have you ever told yourself that you wanted to read the Harry Potter series, but couldn't find the motivation to get through all six books? Ever thought that the amount of reading was unmanagable? Interested in understanding the complete story line prior to the release of Book 7? If so, I've got the perfect solution:

i figured, PERFECT. a few years ago, i got book 1 - 4 (5?) for my birthday (or was it christmas?) from my friends (thanks!) and i havent touched them since... haha

SO... march 11 i went onto read_hp and looked up my HW: ch 1 - 2. so on march 12, i read ch 1 - 2 on my bed, before i slept. "this is great," i thought to myself, "it's so easy! i'll just do the 'hw' every night!"

but then i slacked (surprise!)... and i didnt check read_hp for a while... until yesterday i was reading my book and my sister said, "you're still on ch 4??" yep. yep.

it triggered me to go on read_hp to see how far behind i am... uh... they are already on book 2!

that is so bad lol i told myself that i HAVE to finish book 1 last night...

i fell asleep.

oh well. i'll try again tonight LOL

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