March 29th, 2007

m5 picks up adam

m5 last tuesday

i'm taking a break from work. whew.

anyway... even tho i was unable to road trip with my girls to LA... (meaning my trip was cut in half!) i still had so much fun, it was the best in the end.

just being with the girls in general is AWESOME. i'm glad to meet the utah girls. they're wild haha

the nissan live set was great. one of my top five experiences with m5.

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check out their new music video here :D
it's their new single called "makes me wonder"

i HATE to say this but um... HELLO ADAM. he made security check look fun LOL

hmm.... i need a m5 icon that has matt in it.
pretending to work

email forward

now i'm just slacking HAHA

this was forward to me by a coworker. i thought it was interesting and a little funny.

From a guys perspective...

If a guy is good looking...
Don't immediately assume he is a playa. Not every Will Smith is a Eric
Bennet, so read beyond the fine print and you will be surprised. Don't
deprive yourself a Mr Gorgeous because of fear of the unknown, think about
the children, they'll be good looking, minus years of trying to convince
them they are "beautiful" and being called to the school cause s/he roughed
some kid who called them "Butt Face", "Mugabe", "Nkosazana Zuma", etc.

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