May 1st, 2007

furuba shock

daniel wu in the city

daniel wu was in the city this weekend. jen and i knew (thanks heather!!!). and we were searching of when and where. we figured out a few times and places he could be. friday at the castro or sunday at jtown.

come sunday, jen and i mentioned about going to see if he's there, but didnt. we went to dinner instead. i thought, he prob showed up friday, not sunday.

today, i heard someone met him at jtown and took pics over the weekend. needless to say, jen and i are banging our heads on the wall right now LOL

it's so funny bc jen even got a call on sunday from a friend saying daniel is in the city. but we didnt think he'll really show up at jtown. we just thought he's hanging out with her friend's family.

well good thing he's not on my list of ppl i want to meet before i die (altho i wouldnt mind meeting him in person). oh well, i'll just consider this in the "not meant to be" category

hmmm i dont have a daniel icon

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Enough of Me - Melissa Etheridge

We were all wounded in some domestic war
I found you to settle my score
You looked like father
You felt like mother
My mind told my heart
There is no other

And I gave you my soul
And every ounce of control
I gave you my skin
And my original sin
I gave you my pride and my side
oh my pride

Ain't that enough
I turned your dreams into lightning
Ain't that enough
I held the world back for you
Ain't that enough
I loved you past the point of dying
Ain't that enough of me for you

I was so sure one and one gave you one
My noisy love is coming undone
Now you leave like father
Disappointed like mother
And I know in my heart
There is no other

And I gave you my soul
And every ounce of control
And I gave you my shame
And my eternal flame
And I gave you my need and my seed Oh my need

Why can't you hold on

i cant find the original music video. but stage beauty is still nice :)