June 13th, 2007

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delayed II: missing your flight

i dont think i told you but my flight itinerary to michigan went a little something like this...

june 7 @ 11:59 PM - sf to chicago
june 8 @ ??:?? AM - chicago to michigan
june 8 @ 9:35 AM - arrive to michigan

but as you already know, when we arrived to sfo at 9 pm on june 7, the flight was delayed to 2 am. alright, whatever, we're already there... so what can we do? we waited. at 2 am, we were told that they could not fly as they do not have a crew for this flight....? apparently after a certain hour, the crew gets to go home... and so at 2 am, while we're all waiting in the freezing cold for our flights, the crew is at home... or somewhere... they cannot fly us out until they get a crew... the next available one is at 6 am...

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