July 17th, 2007

hug me and dont let go

m5 fall 2007 tour. comic-con

well, it's that time again. remember how it used to be? when i used to go to all these shows for m5? surprise! i'm doing it again this year lol

but i'm not going to all the shows i would like to. i cant go to one show bc i have to work a travel package. i have to be in vegas earlier than i would like, which result to me missing one show. but it's ok, i'm working so that means i dont have to spend money for hotel and airfare. might work two tp, which means two trips paid for :]

now that i work for m5, i cant sit in my regular seniority seat bc it will look bad to the fans who recognize me as staff. and i am one of the old timers, so i have good seniority. damnit! so they're moving me to the back. but they are working something out for me... either i dont have to pay for my tickets or i get a pass... or...?

it's kinda weird how it is now. now that i am working for m5, i see them less. i mean there are perks but still. :/ oh well. what can i do right?

here is my schedule:

oct 31 - salt lake city
nov 5 - sac
nov 6 - sj
nov 8 - la
nov 10 - vegas

i was talking to joslyn and we agree to dress up for halloween. _ifthisisit? you up for it? lol my sister has this angel costume i am thinking of wearing hahaha it'll be so funny for them to look out the the audience and sees a girl with a halo :)

on another happy note, i see edward norton next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and tishbite23's coming!!!!!!! :D comic con, HERE WE COME!!!