August 3rd, 2007

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lice is not nice

i've just told that a friend's coworker has lice. (yes, present tense). and while that coworker knew she has lice, she still went on her vacation to hawaii. i'm so UPSET thinking about that. HOW INCONSIDERATE of this coworker!!!!!!!!!!! she went into work knowing she has lice. possibly spreading it to her fellow coworkers. then knowing she has lice, she still went on vacation?!?! granted she probably was looking forward to the trip but STILL!!! she's being selfish! she could've cancel her trip and use the credit some other time, when she's lice free!

i feel bad for the person who sat next to her on the plane, for the person who has to sit in her seat on another flight, for the person(s) who will be staying in the same room she did after she checks out and for the person (possibly the same one) who will be sleeping on the SAME pillow as her.


i mean the lice will get on her seat in the plane when she's sleeping/sitting there, you know? and yes, lice do not jump or hop but they crawl really fast!!! it could crawl onto the person she sat next to! and correct me if i'm wrong but room service does not switch pillows per guest who stayed in the room!

GGGGRRR!! and to think i will be traveling next week (flying and staying at hotels non the less!) and then some more during the year! *shivers*

here are some sites about lice, how to prevent and all that good stuff.
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