August 24th, 2007

sleeping together

I've Loved You Before

by Melissa Etheridge

when i think of how you know me
no doubts, no thinking twice
when your smile can be so soothing
a familiar paradise
when there's no one else that makes me whole
i am never needing more
i get this feeling
that i have loved you before

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this song is not released yet, hence the friend's only post but i noticed the lyrics are already posted up by fans, so i'm safe! phew! the lyrics could be a little off bc i've just typed it by ear... but i think i got most of it down. anyway, i totally love this song. the lyrics are so sweet. basically, i hope one day i will feel this way about someone... and vice versa :)

p.s. for better understanding... if you dont know, melissa is gay. this song is about her wife