August 29th, 2007

sitc -  feeling good

nice ppl. thanks. 25

something nice happened to me today.

today i was craving some split pea soup from harvest urban market. i know that split pea soups are scheduled on thurs but i wanted to test my luck and called in to ask if they had it today. sometimes they mix it around and you get it some other day also.

the guy on the phone checked the soups they had out and said that they dont have split pea soup today. i was gonna go on my merry way and have a burrito instead but he said that he'll check the kitchen bc they sometimes make the soup a day early.

as luck have it, they did have split pea soup made already for tomorrow and the guy was nice enough to scoop me a cup and put it behind the counter for me.

yay for nice ppl!

on another note, i wanna thank everyone for the birthday wishes, gifts, hang out, dinners, etc. it was greatly appreciated. i esp. wanna thank my lover, jen, for bringing me flowers, candies, cupcakes, and balloons to my work :D and donato for cooking me a great meal!

it's funny bc ever since i've turned 24, i've been saying "omg, i'm turning 25." not REALLY bc i'm freaking out that i'm getting old... (really) but more like "wow. i'm reaching 1/4 of a century." like how time flies and all that good stuff.

so when i really did turn 25 yesterday, jen was saying to me "you finally turned 25! you've waited over half a year!" haha
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