October 31st, 2007

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who felt the earthquake? i would be surprised if you didnt feel it. it was one of the longer ones i've experienced. i said something kinda stupid during it. when we realized what was happening, my sister said "earthquake!" and i'm like "where?!" LOL

i went under the door frame, my sister followed and told our parents, whose room's next to ours. my mom was like "really?" all she did was make a surprise face when the ground moved again while she continues to eat lol!

i'm telling you. san francisco natives are prob the worse when it comes to being alert to things like earthquakes. my parents didnt even bother to move when it happened. frank said that it was awesome it went for so long. lol and dont forget the last time we blogged about earthquakes and how everyone who was woken up by the earthquake, waited for it to end and went back to sleep when it was over lol

we're so used to it, we're not scared at all! we might be caught off guard one day o_O

well... let's hope not. i guess if anything, i have a headlamp if there's ever a blackout hah!
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