January 18th, 2008

pd: ned/chuck "kiss"


so recently my parents rented this chinese drama. for the ones who are curious, it's actually kinda old (released about 1 yr or so lol). they caught like the 9th ep on tv and decided to watch the whole thing.

anyway, it's about a couple who always seems to meet and fall in love but never get the chance to be together. you know, 有緣無份 (have fate but not destiny). so like they would reincarnate and live their lives, meet each other, fall in love, but then never end up being together in the long run. you see about 5 different centuries they lived and those love stories, up to the modern time. (maybe they finally get together then? not there yet lol) it's quite interesting bc the same ppl will be a part of their lives too as friends and such in all those different lifetimes.

i believe in reincarnation and fate lol and i wonder, i mean ppl always look for "the one" that's destine to be with them. but does that mean they always look for the same ONE in each lifetime? and would your fate always be the same?!?! it's like that melissa etheridge song "i've loved you before"

OR! humor me for a moment. i believe that you're supposed to do something in your life. lol and so each lifetime, you're given the same decisions and choices that leads to that... and when you end up picking different decisions and dont do what you gotta do... you reincarnate again and start over!

hmmm i dunno, just thinking out loud :)
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