February 1st, 2008

nick smirk

driving through the storm

on my road trip down to LA last wknd, i was caught in the middle of a storm. it was pretty bad condition but luckily it was during the day so not TOO bad. but i dont think it storms like that in sf... so now i can say i've driven through worse conditions haha!

anyway, the conditions were so bad i had problems seeing what type of car is around me. (also maybe i wasnt paying attention?) i passed by a cop car and heard some noise coming from that angle. *mumble*mumble* i didnt think much of it and kept going. then i heard the cop go "LADY! don't make me say it again: SLOW DOWN!" so i slowed down...

so we were telling this story to one of jen's LA friends and he's like "wow, you're so lucky. i wish cops would give me a warning instead of just pulling me over." and i realized, "oh yeah... i was lucky..." but jen made a good point, "prob bc it was pouring out and he didnt wanna go out to give you a ticket." HAHA which is SO true! her friend joked how he'll prob pull me over and go "ok, bring your license and registration over to my car" lol!