April 25th, 2008

pixipet bunny

2009 honda fit

i'm a little sad. now i knew it was gonna happen. they have to make a newer model. it's only a matter of time. but what i didnt know is that i would want it!

2009 honda fit

i dig the new features. such as how the glove compartment now opens upwards instead of obnoxiously downwards on top of my passengers leg! i really like how you can store things under the backseats' seats! the gps i can live without LOL!

ok, so there arent THAT many new features, and i really have no clue if it's better power or what not.. but heck, i still like it! haha

oh well

p.s. i posted a friend's only entry of my pics from my china/hk trip... but if you have me on facebook, it's the same ones :P