July 15th, 2008

hug me and dont let go


the other day i tried to find that restaurant, where we had dinner together for the first time. i remember the conversation we had. i remember you shared some of your food with me. i remember that it was then that i realized i liked you. i remember later that you told me it was the same for you too.

it was a long time ago.

it took me a while... i couldnt find it. like everything else with it, it is now just a memory.
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joe in england

lost without you

you never really appreciate something until you lose it.

even tho tivo acts up sometimes and records things it isnt supposed to and sometimes doesnt record things it is supposed to... to know that i wont be able to have anything recorded in two days makes me feel kinda sad. i'm kinda lost. lol.

my tivo gets it updates through the phone line. my mom canceled our home phone line the other day. i didnt know that if tivo doesnt get updates, it cannot record. damnit. now i get a msg that says it'll stop recording in two days. what?! what a girl to do?! if i knew of this, i would've bought the alternative before i get the msg!

anyway, i'm buying the wireless adapter so it can update wirelessly... so it'll be up and running when i get that... but still, that means i'm without tivo for a few days. that sucks! esp when my sister and i are looking forward to some highly anticipated new eps this wknd!

i'm just being silly. i guess i will just have to settle with watching it online

edited (7/16): my tivo has stopped recording :( i ordered the thing online, it got shipped today. hopefully it'll come REALLY SOON!
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