August 13th, 2008

jack smile

yoga grudge

yesterday night i was doing yoga in the living room. i was too lazy to turn on the lights and there was enough light coming from the outside for me to work with. for those of you who dont know, my brother's room is in the front of the house, right next to the living room, whereas all the other rooms are further in the back.

while i was doing a position where i was bending down, my brother's gf opened his door to walk out. i looked over to her and i could tell i scared her bc she wasnt expecting me. without taking a step, she closed the door instead. then i heard her laughing. she told my bro how before she opened the door, she heard some heavy breathing (for ppl that dont do yoga, it's all about the heavy breathing! lol) then she walked out and saw my long hair over my face (bc i didnt tie it up)! she thought she saw the girl from like the grudge.

heavy breathing
asian girl with long hair over her face bending weirdly
in the dark

needless to say, after that i had trouble holding my posture bc i kept laughing about that haha
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