September 16th, 2008

naruto ramen <3

sushi are for the lazies

i've realized today that japanese ppl are very smart but lazy ppl lol! (this is mainly based on one example. and let's take this with a grain of salt... like most of my entries as i'm just bs-ing lol).

take sushi for example. majority of them are prepared bite sized. you do not need to work very hard to eat them really. the rice and raw fish (and seaweed when applicable) pretty much falls out of place once you take a bite out of it. even their veggies, when included, are easy to chew, such as avocado.. and ones harder to chew, such as lettuce or cucumbers, are easy to handle bc they are so small anyway.

AND to top it off, you can forget utensils and it's totally acceptable to eat them with your hands.

seriously, it's made for lazy ppl lol yet they're not cheap. sushi are considered to be one of the higher end cuisines to eat (even in japan!) designed beautifully and classy.... this is why i think that japanese ppl are lazy but smart lol!

and if you're wondering, yes, i had japanese today for lunch xD
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