October 7th, 2008

cat sleeps


the other day i had a dream that i was buying cookies. the cookies were really popular, so i had to line up for them. and every time i try to buy them, something goes wrong. such as i forgot my wallet... or they are out... or something... i remember exactly how many i wanted. i wanted six. two sugar cookies, two sprinkle cookies (whatever that means??) and two chocolate chip cookies. the cookies were bigger than my head. lol

anyway, when they were sold out, i realized i already bought two cookies and they are in my bag. so i was eating it and sharing it with others who werent able to buy any cookies.

then last night i had a bunch of dreams but one particular that i wanna share. i dreamed that some little boy was disrespecting me and i was throwing age in his face. i recall something about him being in 2nd grade but he looks much older. i was literally screaming in his face, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OLDER I AM THAN YOU? I'M 26! 26!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?" honestly, i really dont know what that means myself haha and i know sometimes age means nothing... but that's what i said to the boy while i slap him behind his head.

then i woke up and realized, shit, i am two times older than a 13 yr old o_O wtf... "i lived twice as long as you" fit in this situation....

and yes, i do remember my dreams pretty vividly. and no, there was no point in mentioning the cookie dream lol
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convo of the wk

hands down

me: omg, i need to stop!
jen: tell molly to slap you
jen: in the butt lol
me: i did. and she said "what??? why in the butt???"
jen: lol cuz in the face is mean
me: haha you have a butt fetish! always telling me to smell your butt... now you want ppl to slap my butt... i know you wanna do it yourself
jen: lol fine. tell your sister to hit your hip. and then step on your feet
jen: and no i do not have a butt fetish. stop fantasizing about me slapping your ass

where does she think of these things? LOL

never a boring convo with jen lol

and to elaborate about "smell my butt": i have a habit of telling ppl to "shut up" in the valley girl (??) kinda of way. and jen decided that her only response to that would be "oh yeah?! smell my butt!" lol

i guess bc there really isnt anything you can say after someone tells you to "shut up" lol
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