December 10th, 2008

jack smile

post postcard

back in march, you might've remembered that i went to china. i sent out four postcards in the beginning of my trip... hoping it'll arrive before i get back... but not only did it not arrived before i got back... it never arrived. period. i gave my postcards to the hotel concierge to send... so i thought maybe concierge took my postcards but never mailed them... and used my stamps or something.

today, my coworker picked up our mail and guess what? my postcard was there LOL she's like "huh?!" LOL it's quite funny. at first they werent sure who it's from. LOL then they're like "wait a sec" AND the postcard was posted in March!

so wtf? it took 9 months to get sent? i mean my friend went to italy, mailed me a postcard and it got to me before he got back!

funny stuff, man. funny stuff.

dominic, yours may have arrived to your old apt :(

edited: jen got her postcard today too! lol! she was also confused "when the heck did you send me a postcard??" LOL
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