January 5th, 2009

hug me and dont let go

not meant to be

i flew virgin america when it was still fairly new. so new that there were always problems. plane problems. delays. flights canceled. etc. one time, i flew on a plane where their interactive tv (aka RED) was down. so they gave us a voucher for a free alcohol drink, a premium tv ep (hbo eps that you gotta pay.. i think...) or a movie (which you also gotta pay).

one thing i dislike about virgin. the movies arent free even if your flight is like five hours long. so i figured, great! i'll just use my voucher on my way to NY, catch a movie i havent seen but wanted to. but alas, all the movies available were either movies i own, seen or have no interest of seeing. my flight from NY to vegas were the same exact movies.

well, guess what?! on my way from vegas to SFO, i went through the movie selections and there were a HANDFUL of movies i wanted to see!!! that is SO LAME! bc my flight from vegas to SFO is no more than an hour and a half. if even! so why waste my voucher?

oh well lol