February 26th, 2009

giving the bird

stealing parking spaces

i think ppl who steal parking spaces from right under someone else's nose... arent very smart. and to top it off, are such a-holes about it too, pretending like they did nothing wrong.

for starters, you dunno who you just messed with. it could be some psycho, who comes up to your window, knocks on it, then blows your brain out! (worse case scenario) but realistically, think about it. you just angered someone who knows where your car is parked. seriously? you rather risk a high chance of your car getting keyed, dent, your windows getting smashed, or/and your side mirrors disappearing over spending more time looking for parking?

i have witnessed a parking space getting stolen, twice actually. i mean i wasnt driving, but i was in the car. and i got a feeling that if i wasnt there, the person driving the car probably would've done something. and i've heard stories of ppl i know who did do something... horrible.

the funniest thing? both times, the person who stole the space sits in their car for a while. just to make sure nothing happens lol you could've used that time sitting in the car looking for a parking space (in which we found shortly after the incident, also not that far away)! and you think sitting in your car for five mins would guarantee that you wont come back with a f-ed up car?

is it really worth it? even if you are lucky and come back with nothing wrong with your car, there's always karma.
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