May 1st, 2009

pd: chuck cover eyes/peek

interesting sight of the day

yesterday i drove passed a double parked car... now i'm not 100% sure bc the windows are tinted but from what i saw, it seemed like the guy inside that car had binoculars... looking inside one of the restaurants (it was on geary) LOL

instantly i was like "wtf?" then i told my sister what i just saw. my comment was "that's like stalker scary." my sister, giving him the benefit of doubt, said something i thought was kinda funny: "well, maybe he's just lazy and he's trying to see if the restaurant is open" LOL!

i dont know what's worse, the fact he's stalking someone or the fact that his eye sight is super bad and he's too lazy to get out of the car to see if a restaurant is open lol
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