May 15th, 2009

csi friends

i have great friends lol

so recently a friend of mine have been trying to convince me that he's "nice." i'm not sure how it started lol but that's not the point. i mean, in all honestly, he is, to me at least. but i tease that he's not lol and i would always joke to him to send me flowers. but of course he never does.

today he did say something to me that was nice. so i said to him "that's nice of you" and he said "see. i am nice" and i said "you're just saying that to get on my good side" and he goes "i already am" then i said "no you're not, you dont send me flowers when i asked. anyone else would" and he laughs at that comment.

with that said, i decided to prove him wrong. i asked three guys who were online at the time. the conversation went a little something like this:

guy one
me: hey can you send me flowers
guy 1: of course. can u pick your own flowers?
me: hahaha of course. send it to myself
guy 1: That works!

guy two
me: hey, can you send me some flowers?
guy 2: was that meant for some other chat window? lolol
me: lol no i'm asking you
guy 2: sure
me: cool

guy three
me: hey, can you send me some flowers?
guy 3: sure. what kind of flowers do you want ?

of course i told them not to. but it's nice to know i got some friends out there that are willing to do that with no questions asked HAHA!
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