July 1st, 2009

jrc wakes


i am completely envious of this chick. i know they are old pics... but jesse's sister posted them up on fb (we are not friends) and bob commented so it's in my highlights (i'm friends with him lol). and i'm reminded again! AH!!!!


and these arent even the pics of them lying on the floor with her btwn one of his arms! ugh. (they werent up)

it's so weird. i mean, he's just a celebrity crush. but i am so jealous of her. you may be in his arms but he is wearing my scarf! (sigh, that really doesnt make me feel better lol) you may have him for one night but i am a fan for 6 yrs! i was here before you and i'll be in his life long after you're gone! (ok that makes me feel a little better) lol