July 28th, 2009

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guys in regards to marriage

recently an acquaintance of mine got engaged. i am not close to him so i would not be surprised if i'm not invited to the wedding but i am close enough to congratulate him personally in regards to it.

a mutual friend of ours posted a video of the guys get together... i guess for him to announce his engagement. in the video, camera man asks engaged guy, "are you excited?!" and the engaged guy goes, "uh... sure..." LOL he does not look excited at all!!

then the camera man proceeds to ask the other guys around the table what they think about marriage. all the single guys said, "dont get married!!!" the only guy who gave it a thumbs up is engaged also haha! but he doesnt seem too excited either!

then it got me thinking, "do guys act like they dont wanna get married bc they truly dont wanna get married?? or do they act like they dont wanna get married bc all the other guys act like it's a bad thing and they dont wanna be the outcast that's happy to find someone that they wanna spend the rest of their lives with?"

and if they truly dont wanna get married, i ask why? what's the big deal if you do get married as opposed to not? bc honestly, i dont think there's too much of a difference btwn being married and being in a serious relationship. really. and if it really is about being tied down and playing the field and such, why do ppl wanna play the field so much??
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