April 20th, 2010

brain hurt

blocking the intersection

i never really understand ppl who block the intersection, esp ones that have multiple lanes. i've seen this happen many times. traffic's congested. cars are itching their way to the next block. oh crap, lights turns red, now you're blocking the intersection. there are lanes next to your car that is open and you can move to, you know, to get OUT of the intersection but NOOOOoOoOoOoOoooo you want to stay where you are, blocking the intersection. wtf?

i never understand those ppl. first off, you shouldnt itch your way to the next block if there is no space for your car anyway. and second, to me, if i do decided to do that and there's a lane open next to me, then i move out of the way and get out of the intersection. yes even if that means that i am in a lane i dont want to be, just switch back later! what's the big deal? get out of the intersection, ppl! i dunno if they are just being one minded or what...

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