May 17th, 2010

kitty cat

am i too old for a tattoo?

so for the longest time (since high school), i wanted to get a tattoo. i have an idea of where to get it (altho that changes over time...) but what always stops me from getting one is WHAT to get. i never knew.

at one point in my life during high school or college, i was standing behind someone on the bus who had a neck tattoo. i'm sure when she first got it, it was cool... but now that she's old and wrinkly, it was definitely not cool... and so i crossed that location off my list... in fact i think i crossed tattoos off my list, as i am realistic and know one day i will be old and wrinkly too hahahah!

now i dunno what happened but my wanting to get a tattoo has come back, for a while now. i guess it may have to do with the fact that i saw jesse's simple tattoo on his inner forearm (you can sort of see it here, it's cut off in the pic. which one is jesse? what? are you my friend?! it's the guy on the right) or it could be bc of nicole richie's tattoo... both location was unique and cool to me. but with the same dilemma, what design?

i am not sure what happened today. but today it hit me out of nowhere, "why not get a phoenix tattoo?" one of the chinese words in my chinese name is phoenix. so i started looking around and found one i really like. i plan to get one very similar but not the same one, on my inner forearm. possibly the same color. but i was told that orange fades easily... so i'll have to get it retouched. but i think that might be ideal as the older i get, i may not want it to be as prominent. i am also considering something like this one.

i'm pretty sure i want a tattoo. i even took this flow chart to be sure and passed the test! ahaha i kid about the flow chart. but i'm gonna sit on it for a year and decide then hahahaha! why? bc a few friends of mine who got a bunch of tattoos all suggested i do so. if i still want the same tattoo in a year, then it's golden. well, until then, i suppose :P