August 2nd, 2011

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i am not a liar... most of the time

so the other day i was wearing panty hose under my pants. (okay, WHY i was doing that is a very long story that i rather not publicize on the internet so go with me here). it was a super hot day and i was kicking myself for being so stupid when jen suggested that i should go buy socks so i can change out of my panty hose. BRILLIANT! except we were at a fair and the shops near by didn't seem to have socks. however! i passed by a kid's shoe store and thought maybe they would have adult socks. who knows?! but alas, they didn't. so i picked up plain white socks that is the biggest size available.

i went up to the sales rep and asked her how stretchy those socks were. the conversation went a little something like this:

her: what shoe size does he wear?
me: ... i don't know...
her: how old is he?
me: ....... uh.......... 10.
her: well these will fit him for sure. in fact, they prob fit me!
me: what shoe size are you?
her: 7
me: okay, perfect (i'm a size 7.5)
as i was buying my socks
jen: oh you got some socks!
me: yes. for my nephew who is 10...
jen: * confused *

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