May 30th, 2012

joe in england

USPS customer service

called usps customer service today for work. was having issues with their shipping program for business. while the customer service guy was fixing the issue, there was a somewhat long and almost awkward silence on the phone as i waited for him. i can hear him typing away and i sat there wondering if he hears my breathing bc my nose is a bit congested. so to break the silence i decided to start small talk with him. i asked him where they were located as out of everything that i could ask, that is seriously the only question that peaked my interest. his answer? "somewhere in the east coast, i cant give you the exact location for security reasons"

...... wut.

i'm sitting there wondering, who would bother to attack the USPS customer service location... and WHY. lol crazy angry USPS haters. that's who lol