July 16th, 2012

sasuke raise eyebrow (whatever)

just a rant

i know the ppl i talk to dont have ill intentions. and it is not how it sounds. but sometimes i dont think ppl stop and think about what they say before they say it. i'm sure i do this too but this is just a rant so run with me here lol if i told you that we've broken up, unless i tell you why right after, dont ask why. bc i dont want to tell you. someone said to me after hearing that "that didnt last long" :/ really?

then i get asked this a lot: "why do you only date white guys?" or "do you only like white guys?" i think that's super weird. like if i only date chinese guys, NO ONE would ask me "why do you only date chinese guys?" i'm sure my chinese girl friends who only date chinese guys dont get asked that question. but since i'm chinese and the last few guys i dated are white, everyone asks me that whenever i get into a new relationship and the guy is white. 1. i've dated other races before. 2. i dont see what the big deal is about his race. and 3. why does it even matter, especially to you?!?!

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