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quote of the day

male coworker to female coworker: let me know when you are done because i need to get into your thing*.
boss: i'm not hearing this! there are laws against that!

*thing = spreadsheet. since it is in a shared harddrive... if one person is on it, others cannot use it.

we all knew what he meant, but it sounded really bad lol

stolen from salina


"You have a great enthusiasm and passion for
all that life has to offer. This is coupled
with a great amount of strength. You know
exactly what you want and are not afraid to go
after it. You love a good challenge and you
have a great deal of stubborness, which helps
you achieve your goals. Your enduring
determination is a great match for your
inventive mind. Your only drawback may be your
difficulty in letting others know how you

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