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friendster testimonials

totally stole this from heather

I. 3 favorite description of me from my friendster buddies' testimonies
1) Seriously the most laid back, nicest and uber generous girl I know. She’s so easy to talk to and a great friend. Everyone should have an elle of their own! She’s cracked out most of the time, but that’s on a natural high,
2) Eliza has a really cool name that just rolls off your tongue
3) She's always there if you need her, and i mean always.

II. 3 favorite random statements from my friendster buddies' testimonies
1) Well this testimonial seemed more of a personal quiz on her than anything
2) late night phone calls with her and heather are the best. especially when it is 1AM in the morning, and we're probably dilusional and making no sense. and laughing at non-existant lyrics like "dream of dying." WOO!
3) I WILL YOU ELIZA! I WILL! p.s. i can't believe you put kingstreet before maroon5. *hides head in shame*

III. 3 "huh?/wow!/reallie?" statements from my friendster buddies' testimonies
1) ....being around her makes you feel good. She makes you feel wanted if not important. I owe her a lot and probably haven’t shown her enough appreciation. wow!
2) I can say that her straight-forwardness and willingness to talk about anything and everything is very refreshing. Ahh.. I'd almost forgotten what it's like to have those types of girl talks. really?
3) but i'm already modest for not saying that u and me are two of the most beautiful japanese there is in this world with a mix of white and chinese. huh??


o_o WTF. WOW.

-____- great i'm being mean again
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