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new years eve. shout out. survey

just to let you know, if it gets approved, i will be spending new years eve in new york city.

with maroon 5.

i guess it doesnt get any better than that right?

well that fell through :P i'm still waiting word from M about florida but all his friends are waiting for last min deals o____O so that might fall through too. well if anything, i'm still going to vegas no matter what... and i really dont mind spending new years eve in town. :)


Happy Birthday to the biggest dork i know, KEVIN!


totally stole this from sasalee

Taste? nothing
Drink? water sounds good right about now
Clothing? jeans and a shirt i got from the hard rock cafe in phoenix
Love? full house
Obsession? getting my treo
Plans for the day? lunch meeting with coworkers and then rolling stones concert paid by my company :)
Worry? hmmmmm.... finishing my work on time... and here i am... updating hahaha
Song that's playing right now? "i think i" full house's theme
Thing you're looking at? what else? the computer monitor
Jewelery? just a ring my mom gave me
Hairstyle? shoulder lenght, straight
Temperature? kinda hot...
Weather? sunny, slightly windy
Day? tuesday
Time? 10:21 AM
Pain? nothing yet... :P
Position you're sitting in? i'm on a kneeling chair
Person you want to kill? no one :)
Person you want to talk to? uhm?
Person you ARE talking to? heather and eric
Thing you're happy about? ...... ♥
Thing you're sad about? that my treo is SUPPOSEDLY arriving tomorrow and NOT today -_____-
Makeup? nothing
Month? november
Year? 2005
Room in the house? not at home.
Annoyance? currently? nothing :)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? what's that?


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Nov. 16th, 2005 05:32 am (UTC)
thanks sweetie! i got your message btw. you were right. i was out by then...
Nov. 16th, 2005 07:45 am (UTC)
Don't forget to spend for me in Vegas. ;)
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