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this is gonna be my first time updating my journal on my treo. I have about an hour to two hours to kill... thank god for my treo! I love it!

why am in dt so early? sigh because I am like that. i'm always like that. I could be at home... on my bed... but I decided to eat lunch in dt. haha not a very long one to say the least. but it's ok.

with my treo and nano... I am good to go! I also grabbed a book off the shelves. (i'm in borders). guess what section I am sitting in? TEST PREP... I thought that was funny. not like i'm reading any of these books but this section has a little stoll :)

ok this entry was pretty pointless :P I just wanted to update for once on my treo. I like how I can see animated pics/gif on my treo!

I guess i'll go on aim or something

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