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aggravated at work

so for some weird reason, our fax machine cannot fax internationally recently. we had that problem yesterday and our solution to it was to sent someone to fedex (closest to us) and fax it there. we have a fax machine per floor.

i was told that someone downstairs were to stop by fedex today with our packages because we are closed for half the day... so i went downstairs and asked the person who had to stop by fedex to help me fax these ppw while she's there. she pointed to the fax machine next to her, "you cant fax it here?" she asked. i'm thinking lady if i could, i wouldnt ask you to go to fedex to fax it. and it's not like it's too much trouble, she was gonna be there anyway!

then i stopped by the accountant for some money to give to the lady who's going to fedex to pay for the fax. he asked me the same thing, "you cant fax it here?" W.T.F. no, i CAN fax it here. i just choose to waste our man labor and money! >_< i'm aware i'm the youngest one here, but give me some credit, would ya?

/the end
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