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flora chan

did i tell you about my aunt flora chan? lol jk

anyway for the ppl that dunno, a lot of chinese ppl think i look like a hk actress named flora chan. it's usually the worse when she's actually filming. when she first came out, i was actually living in hk... and let's just say that i get it so much, it sometimes feel like i'm the one who's famous.

yeah, that much. it was the worse when i was in school. ppl that i dunno started to call me by that name.

and coming back to the US, i thought i wouldnt be getting it anymore, but i still do. just not as often as i would in hk. ppl in my hs... esp. ppl i dunno refer to me as "the bay area's flora chan" when they talk about me. i know carlos would used to say that when he talks to his friends about me. (yeah my name is just harder to remember huh?).

recently she hasnt been acting so i havent been getting that comment in a long while.

just today, i was getting lunch and the guy getting my food wasnt paying attention. then he looked up to serve me and reacted in a way as if he saw someone he knew, he literally uttered, "OH." so i thought, given my bad memory, i've met him before: someone's friend, someone that was in my class, my parent's friend's son? i looked at him and he said, "you look like someone." ok i figured maybe one of his friends? because seriously, i get that a lot too. i guess i just have one of those faces that look like everyone else?

and he started to asks me things like "are you chinese?" "yes, cantonese." "where are you from?" "i was born here." and here it comes, "oh, you look like this hk actress." my answer? "i know, i get that a lot" (i mean since i was like 13 - 14)

you know, if i was really someone famous and someone went up to me and said i looked like myself... i would've said the same thing, "i know, i get that a lot" lol! i always imagined how funny it would be. say if i'm hanging around a friend who is actually famous. and when that happened, we play along as if he's just someone that looks like the famous guy but isnt him.

that would be so funny

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